July 2022: Square Blues at the Horizon Theater

Square Blues follows the story of Square, his mother Odessa, and Odessa’s granddaughter, Karma. 

Square, (played by Jay Jones), is collecting names on petitions demanding financial reparations and a public apology for slavery.

His mother Odessa (played by Olivia Dawson), is married to a Jewish store owner since the 1940s.

Odessa’s granddaughter Karma (played by Chantal Maurice) creates art on public walls using spray paint, nude models, and found objects in her art to bring attention to the issues she feels passion for. 

Karma is in love with partner-in-crime Lola (Patty De La Garza), a Latinx poet who is coaxing her to move away to California.

Only together can they find the courage to stand up for their beliefs as they redefine what makes a family and what holds it together.  
July 22 – August 21, 2022
Press Opening July 29

Wednesday – Friday at 8 PM
Saturday at 3PM & 8PM
Sunday at 5 PM

Tickets are $30 on weekdays, and $35 on weekends in advance (prices are subject to change and may rise as performances fill up)

Meet the accomplished cast starring in the world premiere of Square Blues about three generations of a southern Black family who share a passion for activism, art, and following your heart.

Marliss Ameia* – Miss Tuesday
Olivia Dawson* – Odessa Blue
Patrica (Patty) de la Garza – Lola
Chantal Maurice – Karma Blue
Jay Jones – Square Blue

Enjoy this Interview with me and Horizon Theater’s Digital Content & Education Manager, Jack Padgett.  We discuss the play – the story, characters, the genesis of my idea, and more!