Youngblood Arts is a resource for artists, musicians, writers and readers of all ages and backgrounds, created to promote the literary and visual arts as a vital part of our culture.

Services offered

Book Clubs

Shay is available to meet with book clubs in person or by Skype. Email Shay.

Praise for the Workshops

"Shay is a wonderful workshop guide. She reveals her insightful wisdom and years of experience as a writer, and demonstrates her gift of encouragement. She emphasized that if I want to be a writer, then I must write, not merely talk about writing. There are no shortcuts. Shay provided a welcoming space for me to write and share with others without judgment, ridicule, or feelings of inadequacies. She also equipped me with a doable plan to write outside of the workshop." -Doug Campbell

"Shay Youngblood's writing workshop was a marvelous experience for me. Shay is intuitive and kind, creating an atmosphere of total trust and helping the writer dig deep almost immediately. Shay had many professional tips to share, as well as writing exercises, and yet the pace of the workshop never felt hurried or overwhelming. The two and a half hours literally flew by and I came away feeling exhilarated and rewarded. I recommend Ms. Youngblood's workshops highly. She is a natural teacher and a professional writer willing to truly share what she has spent years mastering." -Icy Iles

Shay mentors writers privately, consults with clients on book proposals, and critiques ongoing writing projects, both fiction and nonfiction. She also speaks to groups, moderates and sits on panels at author events, and visits book clubs/reading groups in person, on Skype or on the phone, and via email. For more information or to request a schedule of events contact: