Architecture of Soul Sound

I grew up in several households after my birth mother died, raised by elderly relatives, I became a child of the entire community at the age of three. My interest in the history and physical structure and the more interior psychological and spiritual aspects of home, inspired my current project, Architecture of Soul Sound. I was awarded a five-month residency in Japan in 2011. In Japan interviewed contemporary architects that use traditional materials and concepts in their modern design practice. After I experienced the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear event on 3/11 in Tokyo, I expanded my research to address the history of home, the labor that built the house, the environmental impact of new architecture on a community. “Who makes the home?” has become “What makes home?” and “How do we carry home with us?” The material I’ve collected in Japan, China and across the United States has inspired an interdisciplinary work and led me to begin to expand the global aspect of project.

AOSS is a passionate experiment, a multimedia performance, interactive installation and limited series of bi-lingual artist books. In Santa Fe I will research the unique, traditional and modern architecture of the city and the region, the history of significant houses and the labor that built them. Using that research to create an interactive installation that will incorporate vintage photographs, sound recordings, archival documents, architectural plans, and original artwork to investigate and document the invisible labor of home.

My hope is that this on-going project will lead to collaborations with local creatives. The performance is rooted in visual storytelling, incorporating movement, poetry, still images, animation, facts and fictions, historical texts investigating the larger ideas of what and who makes home. Audiences will be invited to collaborate on the project, using building blocks, string and large sheets of paper to create, draw, build and dismantle physical and mythical spaces we call "home".

Shay reading an excerpt from Architecture of Soul Sound

Architecture of Soul Sound

Shay reading Reclaiming My Tears

An original text performed as part of an art installation in Dallas Texas

Production Stills

University of North Texas on the Square Gallery, 4 August 2015
Allgo, Vortex Theater, Austin, TX Spring 2014

Soundscape from a performance of Architecture of Soul Sound

These sounds were collected in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and on the islands of Teshima and Naoshima during a 2012 visit to Japan

2019 allgo Austin performance • Sound Design by Gabriel Vega

2019 ALLGO AUSTIN Performance

2016 Performance